Joining the LSS Crew

Hey Everyone, DJWilma here.

I just wanted to let everyone know how honored I am to be joining the LSS crew as the head of Music and SFX.

For those of you who don't know me, just google DJWilma, and chances are you'll find me. I started out in the DJ scene, doing live mixes online, and after about a year or two I transitioned into producing. Though my focus has been mostly in EDM genre, I did the orchestral theme for the Rocket Blocks Prototype, and am currently working of future projects.

I hope you guys enjoy, and for those of you who do participate in the beta, I would love feedback on the Music and especially SFX, as it is my first project where will be doing the SFX as well.

Much Luv.

DJ Wilma


Welcome aboard DJWilma!

Welcome aboard DJWilma!